Pelvic-Heart Connection Women's Retreat


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Connect to the Feminine in the jungle of Costa Rica

Lush green tropics surround you as you nourish your body and soul.  Celebrate and connect to your body and to Earth Mother.  Start your days with morning meditation, breath work and yoga. Relax by the pool, bathe in the waterfalls or take a walk in the surrounding jungle and nature preserve.

Enjoy nourishing the body with clean vegan meals, juices, and fruits.  Treat yourself to body work and reflective journaling.  Deepen your connection to yourself and others in daily healing workshops.  Spend your evenings in ceremony to enliven your Spirit before your retire to your deluxe accommodations.   

This secluded women's retreat is a deep dive into the elemental nature of the Feminine.  Awaken and integrate the lower three chakras to form the Sacred Womb of the Feminine.  Aligning this triangle is the gateway for ecstatic awakening and bliss;  a strong base allows the feminine heart to safely vibrate and open.  Participate in evening ceremony to allow the feminine waters to flow to release the sacred elixir, Amrita. Come increase fertility, creativity, aliveness, and passion in the heat of the jungle.  

Gift yourself a transformational week among other incredible women, awakening your inner fire, delving into what it means to embody your sensuality.  When a woman deepens and activates her pelvic-heart connection, all creative essence is available.


Your Hosts

Carol Paysinger (left)

Carol is a myofascial release practitioner and a yoga instructor. She entered the healing arts world many years ago by becoming an occupational therapist. After years of traditional OT work, primarily with babies and children, she became trained in myofascial release by John Barnes, PT., and has never looked back!  She is passionate about pelvic floor health and women’s health. She loves assisting both men and women in reconnecting their mind, spirit and body. Her private practice is in Kansas City.

She has also been a student of yoga for many years - trading in her ballet slippers for a mat and a good excuse for regular pedicures! She was initially trained in Ashtanga; which compliments her love and appreciation for structure, alignment, and dance like flow. She received her 200 hour teaching certificate in 2011. She brings a childlike playfulness to her classes and creates a safe place for students to practice honoring their bodies.

Jill Strom (right)

Jill is a chiropractic practitioner and acupuncturist.  She started her training in acupuncture with Master Chen’s Institute and completed her doctorate at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City.  She is passionate about women’s health and vitality, particularly in the areas of fertility and pregnancy.   Her love of acupuncture led her into further training in Dao Yin, which now infuses her healing arts.  She practices Bio-Geometric Integration as her chiropractic modality, focusing on and restoring the sacred geometry of the body to create alignment and connectivity of the body and mind.  She works alongside a collective of powerful practitioners at Cura Integrative in Leawood, Kansas.  

Movement is life.  Originally trained in pilates and Iyengar yoga, she is currently taking a deep dive into Ashtanga with an intention to deeply and directly experience the sacred geometry of her own body.  She also studies Kempo karate, tai chi, and chi gong with a Master in Kansas City.  Bringing the principles and practices of Doa Yin into physical form for integration and true embodiment.

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