It is with great honor and fervent confidence that I recommend Carol Paysinger as a Myofascial Release and Occupational Therapist.  

I have known Carol for a number of years and have found her character to be steadfast, loyal, committed, trustworthy, genuine, and responsible.  

As a professional, the care of my patients is my utmost concern.  It is imperative for me to know that my patients’ best interest, their confidence, their trust, and their health and vitality will be held and honored with the utmost respect, professionalism, and expertise.  Carol is one that I refer to on a regular basis.  My patients return from her care grateful for her compassion and competency. Carol is an absolute asset to any team.  

As an individual, I receive care from Carol to keep my body in the best possible alignment.  Her hands are steady; her touch is confident.  Carol constantly seeks to deepen her skill set and hone her expertise; this is evident within her treatment and recommendations.  Her care speaks to my body, my mind, and my emotional and spiritual nature.  Every time I step off her table, I feel heard, seen, held, supported and transformed.  

Please feel free to contact me at 913.499.7053 if you have further questions or if you would like to discuss Carol’s qualifications and experience further. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.

Kind Regards,

Dr Jill M Strom, DC CACCP FASA

Cura Integrative Health Care

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. It sent me to a new place and helped me see my body in a new way. I told my husband about it but it was really hard to accurately describe how I felt. I feel like you helped me with a new discovery and it's a critical piece of my journey. THANK YOU!! You are amazing!!

Jean R

Thank you for an amazing session Carol! I left feeling like I could take a deep breath for the first time in a long time. That hard knot in my belly is significantly smaller and softer. You are so gifted at this work...in tune and tapped in woman! Not to mention a beautiful soul!

Lyndsie C

Carol is the most gifted healer I have ever been to! She has such a gentle touch, but is intuitively guided to just the right areas of your body to work on! My back pain is gone! I can't recommend her highly enough!

Helen W

My experience was awesome. Just looking at me Carol could see a lot of what I would need.Her knowledge of the body, with her compassion and soft gentle words was quite healing. For sure puts you at ease feeling your in good hands.

I felt every aspect of my hip alignment, which is where Carol started. I felt the muscle relax, the tendons and ligaments soften and the joint go into place. My body was straight. It was like domino's, it was so awesome to be in tune that much with my body and her guidance.
Working on my neck and shoulder, where I've had lots of trauma in this lifetime, with lots of pain on this day. Carol told me how old this is and maybe even from other life times. There are several spots that constantly bother me from my neck down to my shoulder, Carol went to each and every spot without my mentioning them.
Because of the longevity of this trauma, Carol had to work deep (she discussed it with me, and told me if ever to much let her know) which meant some pain would be involved. Some how I connected to my higher self, and the pain was barely noticeable. While connected to my highest self I saw things I can't explain, and felt such peace while this healing was taking place in my body.
I've had several people including myself work in this area on my body. With Carol's work, it is the most and lasting relief I have got.
Experiencing this complete body connection with Carol was amazing.
I have and will recommend her to everyone

Thomas M