About Me

Carol Paysinger

Hello, I am a Myofascial Release therapist and the owner of Kismet Healing. I am a lover of life with a passion for helping people feel whole, balanced, and safe in their bodies. I have been trained under John F. Barnes, PT, LMT, international lecturer, author, and authority on Myofascial Release. This specialized instruction, along with my many years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, and my training as a yoga instructor, provide me with a multi-dimensional understanding of the body and how it heals. I also have many years experience as a pediatric OT, and love providing MFR to babies and children.

My intuitive and empathic nature ensures that every session is tailored to the clients individual needs.

One of my favorite aspects of this work is the connections I make with my clients. By partnering with them on their healing journey I am able to provide guidance and empowerment as they navigate the path of coming home to their bodies.


How to prepare and What to Expect

What you can expect in a session with me is a safe, comfortable space where I observe and listen to what your body needs. By staying in tune to your body’s signals, I work to bring you into balance using the principles of Myofascial Release.

Much like a massage you will be covered by a sheet. MFR requires direct skin on skin contact. So, in regards to clothing, less is more. However, your comfort is of utmost importance, therefore, if desired under garments , or running shorts may be kept on. Please refrain from wearing any lotions on the day of your session as this will interfere with the level of traction available.