Internal Work and Women's Health

I am also trained in women's health, including pelvic floor work. Issues that can benefit from internal/vaginal myofascial release are numerous. Examples include: Fibroids, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, cysts, prolapsed bladder and/or uterus, surgical scar tissue. Internal work can also be helpful with fascial restrictions causing hip pain.

What to Expect:

Just like a regular MFR session, I provide a safe environment for internal work. Your comfort and ease are of utmost importance. You are in charge of the session, meaning you can request me to stop at any point.

Sometimes women experience an array of emotions while receiving internal work. Our pelvic bowls hold so much, and for many, they are generally ignored. Having an emotional release or awareness can be an integral component of your healing journey, as our fascia holds all of our unhealed emotional wounds. 

I am passionate about  helping women reclaim their sacred femininity, understand and marvel at their bodies, and reconnect to themselves.